I couldn't help but notice that you've decided to head over to the e-Playa. Before you get there, we should make sure that you know what you're getting yourself in for. e-Playa is not a friendly, courteous or even a civilized place. The problems go well past the mere posting of profanity or anything politically incorrect. We're talking about the forum in which some called for a participant's murder because he didn't want to show the John Waters film "Pink Flamingoes" as part of an attempt to promote the event, and on which somebody posted pictures of a carved up cadaver because he was angry about the fact that somebody he was in an argument with wasn't logged on 24 hours per day.

If you stick to something as innocuous (and boring) as the rideboards, e-Playa's good sized population of trolls probably won't notice you - probably - but we can't promise even that. As for wandering off onto the rest of the board ... some have enjoyed doing so, but as near as we can tell, far more have not. We'd recommend that you avoid the rest of that board. But, it's your choice and now you've been warned. Continue on at your own risk; you've been warned, and by choosing to ignore these warnings you forfeit all right to complain to our providers (or anybody else) and be taken seriously. you can continue on to the board if you wish, or return to the bm-rides entry page, if you prefer.